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The Best Hunting Boots for New Zealand Conditions


One of the quickest ways to put a damper on your hunting mission has got to be turning up with boots that just aren’t fit for purpose. Whether the boots are pretty shabby in quality, aren’t fitting right for your feet, or don’t have the necessary features in the terrain you’re hunting, it’s going to hold you back big time. 

So, we thought a bunch of you hunters would find this write-up helpful, where we take a look at what boot features you’re going to need for certain hunting conditions in New Zealand, as well as which ones we recommend. Let’s get stuck into it! 


Alpine & Mountainous Terrain


It’s no secret this terrain can be pretty unforgiving, so having the right kit is a no-brainer for alpine and mountainous terrain. You’re going to need something with a bit of stability, so high-top boots are a great option for keeping your ankles nice and supported, while also preventing nicks and cuts with loose rock floating about. You’ll also need your boots to be waterproof, especially in the winter months where snow is a given and the combination of wet feet with sub-zero temperatures can cause havoc. In these remote locations you’re often faced with some solid walks, so a decent sole with good cushioning is another key to success. 


What's the best boot for this terrain?

The Aoraki Boots give superior performance while you take on those steep hills and mountains. The integrated Vibram sole and rand have been designed to tackle rocks and scree with ease. The high, padded ankle gives stability and support to assist your climb. Waterproof treated leather and Thinsulate lining combine to keep your feet warm and dry.

 Aoraki Boot Features: 

High-top for extra protection and ankle stability• Full-grain waterproof treated Nubuck leather • Durable lacing system• Warm, durable and, waterproof• Thinsulate lining• Vibram integrated rand and sole 


The Ascent Rapid Lace Boots are lightweight, waterproof, and have been purpose-built for maximum stealth and agility by using a molded fabric upper on a quiet and flexible sole. The ATOP rapid lace system uses a strong stainless-steel cord that allows the wearer to quickly lace the boot by turning a tension dial. It provides evenly distributed tension across the foot and ankle for a more comfortable fit - a simple reverse dial flick immediately releases the lacing system.


 Ascent Rapid Lace Boot Features: 

High-top for extra protection * Moulded fabric outer * Lightweight, flexible sole * Atop rapid lace dial * Waterproof * Thinsulate lining * Padded ankle support




Bush & Grass Lands


Whether you’re tracking down a stag during roar or following suit behind the dogs on a pig hunt, your boots are an important piece of kit when you’re hunting in the bush or grasslands. Make sure the boots you have are waterproof, as you could well be trekking around through the mud, crossing streams, and facing dicey weather systems. On the subject of weather, a breathable boot can be really helpful during warmer conditions, keeping everything well ventilated and cool. If you’re expecting to cover some long distances you’ll also need to make sure the boot you’re getting has comfy soles with sufficient arch support. Hi-tops vs mid cuts is more up to you in this terrain, but no matter which one you pick you should make sure they’ve got some durability, as you’ll likely be giving them a hounding in the bush. 


What's the best boot for this terrain?


The Mallee Boot are lightweight and waterproof, ideal for bush hunting. Featuring a tough canvas fabric outer and front rand for protection against all elements, they’re designed for everyday use. 

 Mallee Boot Features: 

High-top for extra ankle protection and stability • Tough polyester canvas outer fabric• Easy lace system • Warm, durable, and waterproof • Thinsulate lining • Vibram outsoles


The Arapahoe boot has been designed and built for maximum durability by integrating nylon canvas fabric into a tough leather outer. The front rand protects your boots from scratches and nicks caused by loose rocks. The tough Vibram sole allows you to tackle tough terrain with ease.

 Arapahoe Boot Features: 

Mid-top height • Full-grain waterproof treated Nubuck leather • Durable lacing system • The front rand protects your boots from scratches and nicks caused by loose rocks • Durable 900x900 denier canvas nylon camo fabric insert • Waterproof membrane • Padded ankles for protection • Thinsulate lining • Vibram outsoles


Multi-Purpose & Small-Scale Missions


For the less hard-out trips as well as general conditions such as farmland, rocky terrain, and hiking, you’re going to want something quite versatile. Once again, a waterproof boot is important, but this time round it’s okay to go for something closer to a mid or even low-cut shape. You do want comfort and a lightweight feel for this boot, as you’ll likely be spending plenty of hours in it. Speaking of which, make sure you pick a boot that can put up with some abuse. Get something that’s well put together, can handle some scrapes and cuts, and has some thick soles that can navigate tough outdoor terrain. 


What's the best boot for this terrain?


The Apache Boot is a versatile, low-cut boot that is a perfect go-to for everyday adventures. It features a tough Nubuck leather outer for waterproofness and all-around protection, as well as a full rand to stop scratches and nicks caused by loose rocks. 

Apache Boot Features: 

Mid-top height • Full-grain waterproof treated Nubuck leather •Durable lacing system • Full rand • Thinsulate lining • Vibram outsoles