Posted by Ridgeline Marketing

Merino Wool: An Ultimate Adventure Apparel

Technology is constantly advancing, but in some cases – nature had it right all along. Merino wool, a completely natural fibre, is one of the most comfortable, warm and environmentally friendly options available. Here are our top reasons to pack merino wool apparel for a hunt, tramp or camping trip:


Renewable and biodegradable

Merino wool is a natural fibre that is grown by Merino sheep. A single sheep can grow up to 6kgs of wool each year, making this a renewable resource. As a natural fibre, it also returns to the earth once discarded. It’s estimated that merino wool takes 12 months to biodegrade on land or in water.


Made in New Zealand

Every item in the Ridgeline merino range is proudly manufactured in New Zealand. From hunting and camping to farm work, we love to champion every kind of outdoor enthusiast – Ridgeline New Zealand merino apparel will keep you comfortable in the great outdoors. 


Soft and comfortable to wear

Merino wool is superfine – around 1/3 the diameter of a human hair. This makes it extremely soft on your skin. It’s a highly comfortable material that stretches with you as you move. Merino should be worn close to the body but not feel restrictive. It’s similar to many other types of activewear which feel slimline and supportive, but rarely tight.


Regulates your body temperature

Whether you’re out on the farm in the early morning or sleeping overnight under the stars – Merino wool keeps your body temperature stable. Merino sheep live in harsh climates, ranging from 30°C to -10°C, and their wool has adapted to keep them comfortable. Clothing made from this fibre will reap the same benefits; keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.


The perfect base layers 

When your body has to work hard to stay warm; you lose valuable energy and stamina. Merino wool is a sweat-wicking fabric – pulling away cold sweat to keep you dry and cosy. Our range of 100% merino wool, 195 GSM base layers are the best first layer your body could ask for. Our Merinotech Thermal range features a unisex Crews Top, Leggings, Beanie and Gloves.


Lightweight and easy to pack

To keep your adventure pack light, it’s important to choose lightweight materials. Merino wool is superfine yet durable – making it light and easy to pack but hard to ruin. You can roll it, fold it and even scrunch it without destroying the integrity of the fibres.


Fire-resistant and odour free

Maybe fire and odour weren’t your first thoughts when looking for adventure-ready clothing, but merino has a few extra benefits to keep in mind. As a fire-resistant material, merino wool will not melt or stick if any campfire accidents should occur.

Odour-resistance makes it ideal for long hunting trips – keeping you hidden from your game. But, even if you’re not a hunter, you can wear merino for the long-term and rest assured that people will be happy to get close and not smell the roses.