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Ridgeline Microlite Summer Range

Welcome to summer!

As the days grow longer, the sunshine brighter and the temperature warmer, the drive to get outdoors is stronger than ever. It’s a great time to venture outside and hone your hunting skills or tackle that big hike you’ve been eyeing off. Of course, you’ll need to prepare your gear and apparel accordingly to deal with these warmer conditions.

This year, Ridgeline has created the all-new Microlite range of shirts and tops to keep you cool and protected when you’re out and about.

The All-New Microlite Range

Ridgeline’s Microlite tops are performance shirts primed for summertime conditions outdoors. Let’s take a look at why these tanks, tees and zip tops are a great choice for your warm adventures:

 Soft brushed knit - lightweight and soft against your skin, keeping you comfortable

 Breathable grid fabric - stretchy enough to move with (not against) you; plus, it allows ventilation from summer breezes and stays quiet instead of flapping or scraping against other clothes

 Antibacterial finish - minimises body odour, reducing how often you’ll need to wash your shirts

 Sweat-wicking finish - draws sweat away from the body, keeping you cool and dry when exerting yourself

 UPF40+ sun protection - shields your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays that can burn skin and grow melanomas. UPF 40 rates as excellent UV protection, blocking over 97.5% of ultraviolet rays

 Lifetime performance warranty. Put simply, Microlite is the ideal top to wear when you’re hunting and hiking all day.

anti bacterial Odour Block UPF+40 Quiet fabric Lifetime warranty

Realtree Excape Camouflage 

Realtree Pattern

But wait - that’s not all!

Possibly the best feature of the lightweight Microlite range is its pattern. Deer and ungulates (hooved animals) have blurrier vision than humans; the prey you hunt focuses on outlines rather than detail when they look around for any threats. That means your classic “sticks and leaves” camouflage styles work better on other humans than on animals, which is why it’s often used for military personnel uniforms and combat gear. Instead, hunting camo is best when it breaks up your outline, creating depth perception problems and even the illusion of dissolving into the environment.

Ridgeline Microlite tees are made in Realtree Excape camouflage. This design expertly mimics natural environmental elements in a purposefully ‘unstructured’ pattern, completely breaking up the hunter’s outline. Its colours even appear to adapt to the terrain, from leafy forests to rocky outcrops to dry bushland, thanks to their unique pigmentation and arrangement. The result? Hunters can escape visual detection, blending into their surroundings and disguising their humanoid form at distances anywhere from 10m to 200m.

This is a true game-changer - to prove it, here are some photos we took out in the field of hunters sporting Realtree Excape Microlite gear! 

Realtree Pattern

Tank, Tee or Quarter Zip Top?

Only one choice remains, and that’s what level of protection you need from your shirt.

● Try the Microlite Tank - Men’s | Women’s if you want to keep extra cool

● Grab the Microlite Tee - Men’s | Women’s to enjoy a blend of ventilation and sun safety

● Use the Microlite Midlayer Zip Top - Men’s | Women’s to stay sun-safe on open or farm land.

Of course, if you can’t decide or if you explore in a variety of conditions and environments, you might want to grab the whole range.