Georgia Hendrie - Ridgeline Brand Ambassador

Instagram: @georgia.hendrie
Instagram: @georgiahendriephotography
Facebook: @georgia.hendrie
Facebook: @georgiahendriephotography

Tell us who you are and what you do:

Well my name is Georgia, a lot of people just call me George most likely because I have no girly bone in my body so a males name suites me bettter. I am curranty an animal technician working on a farm in South Canterbury. I have always loved working outside and with animals from a past working as a vet nurse, being a dairy farmer, sheep and beef farmer and even a full time cattle blood tester at one stage. Iv always owed more dogs then a normal person should. Pretty sure my friends and family think I’m crazy but my dogs think I’m pretty cool and that’s all that matters.


How did you get into hunting:

I grew up knowing nothing about hunting but I have been very lucky to of lived rural on farms the past 10 years, dating the odd hunting mad pig hunter helped to I suppose. Pest control is a pretty important part of farming so it all started shooting rabbits and possums. This exceeded into shooting my first roar stag then getting my first pig dog pup and going on hunts with others. I remember how scary it was at the start seeing the dogs bailing a massive boar and here’s me hiding behind others thinking how the pig was going to chase me up a tree with its big white ivory hanging out of its mouth ready to nibble my leg off. My confidents has grown a lot over the years thanks to learning skills from talented hunters, now days I do a lot of hunting alone with my dogs. Wallaby coming at me out of nowhere in the long tussock scare me more then anything these days!


What do you enjoy most about hunting outdoors:

The feeling of freedom being in an area where nothing else matter but the mission your on with your dogs, knife and rifle. Being able to put the hard work in to have a freezer full of meat that can be shared with friend and family is a big one for me also


Tell us your best piece of gear and why you love it:

The woman’s monsoon anorak is my go to jacket. Its longer in length so a knife belt sits really well over it, its fully waterproof and hardwearing so great for in the bush and harder terrain. The large front pocket holds heaps so there is no problem taking the odd snack and plb with you on a hunt. Just a good around jacket that’s also great for on the farm.


Any advice for people wanting to get into hunting:

Try reaching out to a hunter and tag along with them. A lot of hunters have been doing it for many years being taught from a young age. These people are filled with knowledge, skills and life story’s on what not to do so you stay safe on the hill. Joining your local hunting club could help you find one of these unique people or help you find people that have knowledge about getting the right gear.


Tell us a story about your best hunt:

The day I went hunting alone for one of the first times and got a 162lb boar. It was one of the best feelings knowing I could do it myself and a real good boost of confidence that I had the skills to do it alone. I did have a hard time carrying it up the hill and had to call for help but I did give it my best shot! Seeing young dogs click and find their first pig is always one of the best hunting memory’s to, I don’t have kids but it must be the same feeling as seeing your child walk for the first time I think.


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