Rebekah TeHuia Beans-Carr - Ridgeline Brand Ambassador

Instagram: @_huntressxwifey_
Facebook: @rebekah.beans


Tell us who you are and what you do:

I’m a  passionate dairy farmer being conservative  of our whenua & ngāhere. Family orientated and a mother whose an avid pig hunter! Being 5ft knee high, I’m tiny but mighty!


How did you get into hunting:

My Koro and uncles originally got me into hunting when I was younger, I only started getting better 6.5 years ago & started taking flipping and sticking more seriously when I met & married my husband


What do you enjoy most about hunting outdoors:

No landscape, gully or stream is the same, they all have there own uniqueness about them kind of like a DNA Print, mixed with the peacefulness and Animals lurking nothing will ever top that feeling


Tell us your best piece of gear and why you love it:

I wouldn’t call my dogs gear, but they’re a huge part of my hunts, my success and life! Hunting wouldn’t be as adrenaline rushing &  adventurous as it is when with my team or Kuri


Any advice for people wanting to get into hunting:

Anything’s scary or nerve racking the first time, but practice, patience and perseverance!



Tell us a story about your best hunt:

I’ll never forget the time we were hunting and secret location around Gisborne, Me &  My Girl Ned were passing by another truck of hunters, dogs and collars all the bells and Whistles. Being polite chicks we of course asked them “ How’s it, hunting any good out there tonight?”, to which this group of blokes laughed and Replied “Na it’s Teats”.

With that being said we said ‘Kakite’ and carried on, less than 50 meters up the track a bloody good black boar was sidling around a hill. My husbands cousin pulled the gun out to which I yelled frantically  “don’t you bloody shoot it bro, drop the tail gate, let’s those dogs out my bro”

I watched the Unit, 3. . . 2. . . 1

Dead silence. . . I knew I had to move, being 5ft knee high, not knowing what I was dealing with; Thank god I had my running red bands on this pig was one

Tusky Tusky Boaris with a wicked set of hooks on him.

I flipped & sticked, Gave the dogs a good check over, all in one peace; gutted, carried, processed & a story memory to tell later on


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