Made with sustainable REPREVE® fabric, because small choices can have a BIG impact!

We love exploring the great outdoors: camping in the backcountry, hunting and fishing across the seasons, and hiking new trails to discover more of our wonderful world. That's why we're committing to making sustainable gear like the Ridgeline Impact Hoodie: because we love nature and want to preserve it. By constructing the Impact with high-quality, certified REPREVER performance fibers, we're creating outdoor gear that's good for you and our planet.

If you're looking for recycled clothing, make a positive difference and choose the Impact for your next adventure. It's one small step for you, and one giant leap for our environment.

What is   REPREVE

REPREVE is the world's leading recycled fibre.

It's made from plastic bottles that would otherwise clog up landfills around the world and pollute the environment.

Its production also preserves finite resources by emitting fewer greenhouse gases and conserving water and energy compared to making 'virgin' (non-recycled) petroleum-based fibre.
How Does REPREVEWork?
While REPREVE® polyester uses recycled plastic, virgin polyester is created by combining coal, ethylene (derived from petroleum), air and water under extremely high heat. Not only does this chemical process require much more energy to perform than simply melting plastic, the coal and ethylene arefinite resources that have to be extracted from the earth.

By the way, you can't feel the difference between REPREVER polyester and virgin polyester. REPREVE® fabrics's quality and comfort remains just ashigh! That's because once the recycled plastic has been cleaned, shredded and melted, it undergoes the same process as virgin plastic.

Meet the Impact: our new, sustainable hoodie

Say hello to your new favourite hoodie: the Ridgeline Impact, made with recycled fabric.
This warm layer will be a much-loved staple for sustainably-conscious hunters, campers, fishers and farmers. The Impact is cut in a classic fit for full freedom of movement, with a generous kangaroo pocket for keeping valuables close by (or warming up chilly hands). To keep you comfortably cosy, theImpact is made with 300gsm hunting fleece fabric constructed from 50% cotton and 50% REPREVE® (recycled polyester fibre). 

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