With Ridgeline’s compact and concealable trail camera, you’ll capture every moment that happens on your hunting grounds. Our hunting trail cameraoffers a long list of premium features at a great value. This includes its stunning 4K video resolution and 0.4 second triggering time.

Our user-friendly device comes with simple instructions for people with any level of tech expertise. Designed by experts for optimal wildlifesurveillance, it's a reliable investment for hunters, farmers, and wildlife enthusiasts alike
Product's Highlight

Trail Camera

  •  Low Glow Trail Camera                          : 24 Megapixes, 4K Video Resolution
  • Long Night Vision Range                        : 65ft (20M) with 36pcs IR LED
  • Fast Triggering time                                  : 0.4 Second
  • Big Viewing Screen                                   : 2" COLOR VIWER TFT LCD
  • Long Time Standby Time                       : Approx.8 months
  • Super Slim and Compact Profile
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation

    Why Invest in Wildlife Surveillance?

    You can use our trail camera in a multitude of ways. Many use it as a hunting trailcamera and consider it to be a crucial component of their hunting gear. Ahunting trail camera allows you to monitor the movements of foxes, feral boar,deer, and other animals.

    Prey watching and scouting with a quality trail camera is something every huntershould experience. If hunting isn't your thing, trail cameras are also used by:


    Farmers: Farm pest control is a major aspect of maintaining a farm, as pestscan completely ravage a field of crops if they go unnoticed for too long. Knowing what's eating away at your crops will help you in exterminatingthem quickly

    Home Owners

    Home Owners: Similar to farmers, monitoring pests is beneficial to anyone with a food plot on their property. Trail cameras can also function as security cameras on private lots

    Wildlife Enthusiasts

    Wildlife Enthusiasts: There's something fascinating about observing the routines of wild animals. Animals tend to behave differently around humans, making trail cameras a popular choice among wildlife enthusiasts and birdwatchers.


    Campers: Avid campers who like to venture out into the sticks will find plenty of uses for this trail camera. It's a great way to identify animals that you suspect may be wandering around your campsite at night.

    Featured Focused At An Affordable Price

      At Ridgeline, we've gone above and beyond to ensure that we offer the best value trail      camera in the market today. We did this by workingwith industry experts and focusing on the details, both big and small. This includes our lightning-fast 0.4-second triggering time, 65ft longnight vision range, and so much more

    The camera also offers a standby time of about 8 months. Its impressive battery life can handle over 30,000 photos during the day and over12,000 at night. This efficiency and convenience will save you time scouting hunting grounds or watching for pests. 

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