Terranea Squall: Scientifically-Proven Fishing Camo
Performance fishing clothing should help you stay unseen. The Terranea Squall fishing camo pattern uses Veil Camo's core concealment principles to break up the angler's form and blend them into view from below the water's surface. Its design is backed up by incredible amounts of research into piscine vision and camouflage science. Chaos math, fractals (self-repeating patterns found in nature), surface turbulence and fishing-specific colours combine to give you the ultimate advantage on your fishing trips.
How does it work?
Vision and perception research

We utilize research data on human and animal eyesight, depth perception,and detection of movement to create uniquely superior concealment.

Mathematical connections

The natural world is shaped with proportion, patterns, and mathematics. We integrate these nature-based fractal and chaos theories into every Veilconcealment design.

Controlled Colour

Veil patterns engage selective palettes derived from colors and shades found in the environments for which they're created. We also cross reference vision and perception research, exploiting opportunities for design.

Camouflage theory

Veil designs researched and proven concealment principles into every pattern. The foundation of everything we do is grounded in the natural world then scientifically and artfully combined with knowledge of how camouflage fools the brain.
Whether you're on the flats, the water or the bricks, the Ridgeline Microlite Tee in Terranea Squall Veil Camo is the ultimate summer fishing clothing, keeping you dry, comfortable and unseen. Keep an eye out for matching caps and neketairs in Terranea Squall camo inthe future to complete your look!

Our Full Microlite range is perfect for both hunting and fishing clothing.

UPE 40+ Sun Protection

keeps your skin safe from harmful UVA/UVB rays during long hours out on the water. The UPF 40+ rating blocks over 97.5% of ultravioletrays.

Breathable grid fabric

keeps you breezy-cool, stretches enough to move with (not against) you, and stays quiet instead of flapping in the wind or rustlingagainst other layers

Wicking Finish

draws sweat and splashes away from your skin so you stay dry.

Antibacterial Finish

helps keep those fishy smells (as well as bait, slime and sweat odours)off your clothes.


Realtree Excape - Specifically Designed for Hunting

Possibly the best feature of the lightweight Microlite range is its pattern. Deer and undulatesed animals) have blurrier vision than humans; the prey you hunt focuses on outlines rather than detail when they look around for any threats. That means your classic "sticks and leaves camouflage styles work better on other humans than on animals, which is why for military personnel uniforms and combat gear. Instead, hunting camo is best when it breaks up your outline, creating depth perception problems and even the illusion of dissolving into the environment.Ridgeline Microlite tees are made in Realtree Excape camouflage. This design expertly mimics natural environmental elements in a purposefully unstructured pattern, completely breaking up the hunter's outline. Its colours even appear to adapt to the terrain, from leafy forests to rocky outcrops to dry bushland, thanks to their unique pigmentation and arrangement. The result? Hunters can escape visual detection, blending into their surroundings and disguising their humanoid form at distances anywhere from 10m to 200m.This is a true game-changer - to prove it, here are some photos we took out in the field of hunters sporting Realtree Excape Microlite gear!
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